Vinpocetine Dosage, Usage & Benefits

Vinpocetine has recently become one of the most popular herbal nootropics. Vinpocetine is a natural compound that was first found in a plant called Vinca Minor. It is basically a purified version of another nootropic called Vincamine and studies have shown that it is safe and more potent than its predecessor.

In addition to it being used as a nootropic, there are a large number of medical functions of Vinpocetine as it is usually given to people who have recently suffered a stroke as well as elderly individuals with dementia. Vinpocetine has been proven to boost memory and is prescribed to patients with cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s.


  • Improved Mood and Memory
  • Increased Brain oxygen and Glucose
  • Reduces mental fatigue and tiredness

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Vinpocetine improves the supply of blood to the brain. It does this by augmenting the blood vessels in the cerebrum, and inhibiting inflammation, allowing for an increase in the rate of circulation to important systems in the brain. Blood transports oxygen and glucose to the brain which is then converted into energy known as the ATP.

Recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between an intake of Vinpocetine and the amount of ATP made in the brain. With much more energy readily available to power the cellular tasks of the brain, there is an improvement in health and neuron communication. The process of signaling between the neurons is made more orderly.

Many researchers believe that Vinpocetine contributes to a greater growth of neurons, which thus improves the brain’s plasticity. The improved plasticity of the brain has a few major benefits for the brain function. Firstly, with better regulation and restoration of neurons, aging effects can be decelerated. Secondly, with increased levels of energy comes improvements to one’s sense of concentration and overall alertness.

“Due to increased number of neurons in the brain a better performance of mental abilities such as reasoning, comprehending and memory encoding is achieved.”

Typical Vinpocetine dosage:

The benefits of Vinpocetine only show if you take it every day over a long period of time. Many people who use it as a supplement will buy the powder or pills so that they can ingest it. A recommended dose would range from 5 to 60 mg a day. There are many that take 3 separate dosages throughout the day, ranging from 15 to 30 mg.

To help treat cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s, the recommended dosage ranges from 15 to 30 mg taken three times a day. However recent findings have shown that you will only see the maximum benefits when you reach higher levels of dosages, which is around 30-40 mg a day. This range is common for users who are healthy and not currently suffering from cognitive disabilities or signs of age related mental decline.

It is common to take Vinpocetine with a supplement called Ginkgo Biloba for maximum benefit. The only case where one may exceed the recommended dosage level should be if they are under the supervision of a physician. This Nootropic is only safe when taken in dosages up to 60 mg, but its potency can be lost if overdosed.

In other words, taking a lot of Vinpocetine could potentially lead to the same results as taking too little. It is important to note that a user should modify their dosage based on any other supplements they may be taking concurrently. Once you have made the choice to use Vinpocetine, its would be smart to stay up to date with the latest studies to see if any alterations should be made to your level of dosage.

Vinpocetine is a Nootropic that is healthy to combine with other supplements. There have been various studies that show that Vinpocetine has the ability to stop the advancing of different illness within patients. It can also aid in improving mental functions, including memory, and choosing the right level of dosage has also been seen to improve levels of energy within the brain. Therefore, Vinpocetine helps to protect the brain from damage in a list of possible scenarios. The benefits of this Nootropic are vast and wide, and most will be seen only if one uses the proper and recommended dosage.