Vincamine Dosage, Usage Benefits & Reviews

vincamine-dosage-9809081Vincamine is a natural nootropic supplement which is found in the Periwinkle plant (Vinca Minor). It was first extracted in industrial quantities by a team of scientists examining compounds that had vasoactive properties in 1955.

Vincamine is categorized as a peripheral vasodilator due to its vasodilatory effects on blood vessels. By increasing the cerebral blood flow Vincamine is able to improve the metabolism of essential nutrients and oxygen utilisation in the brain. Vincamine has been used for therapeutic effects to treat different conditions related to insufficient oxygen supply in the brain for over three decades.

People have reported a higher mental state, increased mental energy, clearer thoughts, and a higher level of alertness following Vincamine supplementation. Vincamine appears to be also effective in activating neurons in the cerebral cortex area responsible for thinking and planning. This is particularly important when trying to offset a normal age-related cognitive decline.

Therefore as a dietary supplement Vincamine has a number of beneficial effects associated with cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection. More recently, Nootropic users started using Vinpocetine, which is a purified version of Vincamine. Vinpocetine provides very similar benefits to those of Vincamine but has a greater level of potency, thus can be taken in smaller dosages.

Although, Vincamine has been used therapeutically for almost three decades, the exact mechanisms of action and its effects are still unknown. Vincamine is a strong vasolidator which relaxes and widens the blood vessel, thereby increasing the blood transport to the brain.

The effects of Vincamine are very selective, the effects most evident in the encephalic area. This increases the flow of blood to the brain as well as improves the supply of glucose, oxygen, and other nutrients.

Another interesting function of this supplement is that it activates an area of the brain called the locus coeruleus (LC). This is a part of the brain that plays a very important role in regulating a number of physiological functions, such as the control of arousal, stress and attention. The LC is also a wakefulness-promoting center in the brain; therefore its activation leads to a higher alertness.

The LC also contains norepinephrine-synthesizing neurons that send norepinephrine to other parts of the cerebral cortex. As the number of these neurons decreases with age, Vincamine has been demonstrated to keep them active thereby reducing age-related cognitive decline.


  • Improves mood and memory
  • Increases brain oxygen and glucose
  • Reduces mental fatigue and tiredness

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Vincamine Benefits:

As briefly mentioned above, Vincamine’s benefits are directly connected to its properties as a vasodilator.

“By increasing the blood flow and essential nutrients delivery to the brain, the functional capacity of the mind and cognitive abilities are improved.”

Users report an enhanced concentration and memory, a heightened alertness, a better mood and mental clarity. In terms of clinical settings, there is a list of conditions, like Ménière’s disease, that can be potentially treated or at least improved by Vincamine supplementation. It may also help people with sleeping difficulties as well as those with a high blood pressure and lack of blood flow to the eyes.

Although more research is required, Vincamine has shown some promising results in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that Vincamine is able to normalize brain wave patterns in individuals who have struggle to concentrate or memory problems.

Vincamine Dosage:

Vincamine is a potent herbal-based supplement. As with any supplement it is important to follow recommended dosages. Most users take 30 mg twice a day. If you a beginner in the world of Nootropics, it is strongly advised that you find the lowest effective dose for your individual needs.

Only increase the dosage when you are familiar with the effects. Finally, you should discuss the use of Vincamine with a qualified professional before starting to take this supplement on a regular basis.

Vincamine Side Effects:

Vincamine has extremely low toxicity and no adverse side effects. However it may sometimes cause gastrointestinal distress, which disappears when usage is stopped.


Vincamine is a supplement for cognitive enhancement and neuroprotectiveness. Today it is more common to use Vincamine in its biosynthetic form (i.e. Vinpocetine), but there are still companies that sell Vincamine itself.