Unifiram Dosage, Usage, Benefits & Reviews

The purpose of this brief article is to review the current information on one of the newer nootropics – unifiram. We will discuss how this novel nootropic works, its usage, dosage and potential benefits.

Unifiram (aka DM-232) is a relatively new nootropic, which is structurally related to piracetam.1 Due to its better pharmacological profile, unifiram has a much higher nootropic potency than piracetam. Together with another novel nootropic compound – sunifiram, unifiram may be the most potent nootropics yet. In fact, some researchers believe that unifiram is at least 1000 times stronger than other common nootropics, such as oxiracetam, nefiracetam and aniracetam.1

How does Unifiram work?

A pharmacological profile of unifiram is similar to other nootropics, particularly piracetam. Evidence from animal studies shows that unifiram modulates the cholinergic system, specifically cholinergic transmission in the cerebral cortex.2 As a result there is an increase in the release of acetylcholine (ACh) neurotransmitter, which is very important for optimal functioning of cognitive processes. In contrast, a cholinergic system blockade leads to a serious disruption of memory functions.1 Unifiram has also been shown to increase synaptic transmission in the brain, which means a higher rate of processing and learning of information.2 However, human studies are required to confirm these mechanisms of action.

“Unifiram has the cognition-enhancing and anti-amnesic properties.”

Some of the reported benefits include enhanced memory, clearer and faster thinking, increase learning ability, better processing of sensory information and improved social learning. Unifiram may also reduce sleeping time, thereby increase waking hours.1

Recommended dosage of Unifiram:

The recommended daily dosage varies from person to person, but most users report taking up to 5 mg per day.

Side effects of Unifiram:

Based on a limited number of studies, unifiram is believed to be a non-toxic compound with no reports of adverse side effects.1-3 The same can be said about any other piracetam-like nootropic.

Buying Unifiram online:

Unifiram is currently not as popular as other racetam nootropics, therefore there are not many online shop selling it yet. Often advanced nootropics users buy sunifiram as a cheaper, but equally effective alternative to unifiram.

Main facts about Unifiram:

  • Unifiram is a highly potent nootropic agent.
  • As a piracetam-like compound improves memory processes, has no side effects and is non-toxic.
  • Unifiram is a promising compound in the treatment of human cognitive deficits.
  • Often reported daily dosage of unifiram is 5 mg.
  • As availability of unifiram is still limited many users buy sunifiram as its alternative.