Piracetam vs Pramiracetam: Best Racetam for You

Are you choosing between Piracetam and Pramiracetam? These Nootropics enhance cognitive abilities and provide many benefits for individuals who wish to improve their memory, concentration and want to enjoy higher levels of motivation and energy.

Nootropics, like Piracetam and Pramiracetam, stimulate important synapses in the brain and actually alter the way your brain functions. Due to their effectiveness, the demand for them amongst university students is very high. Despite a number of similarities between the two Nootropics, there are also some differences that should be fully understood before deciding which one to use.

The idea of using supplements to provide a better use of the brain was created when UCB Pharmaceuticals discovered Piracetam. Piracetam is the oldest Nootropic that was developed by a Romanian scientist back in 1964. It has since been tested in numerous trials and research studies and shown to be safe and effective. As it is a water soluble supplement it is very simple to use by mixing it with juice or water.

While some other supplements do not really get to the brain, Piracetam has the ability to easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

This barrier separates the neurons and the blood flow. Piracetam is a derivative of GABA neurotransmitter that is produced naturally in the brain from other chemical called Glutamate.

Piracetam powder is renowned for acting quickly and has a half-life of around 2 hours. According to different studies that have been conducted over the last 50 years, Piracetam affects two neurotransmitters (i.e., Glutamate and Acetylcholine) that are vital to learning, cognition and memory.

Piracetam works by attaching itself to the receptor sites of these neurotransmitters which then augments the number of excitation signals within the neurons. Neurons communicate to each other through a big system of synapses which are basically sites where different nerve cells are able to send and receive signals.

Acetylcholine and Glutamate are the source of these transmissions and with the increase in activity of synapses the brain is able to store more information. There is also evidence to suggest that Piracetam has a positive effect on the level of potassium and calcium in the brain. These electrolytes are crucial for cognitive functions. When there is a proper balance of these chemicals in the brain they provide a greater level of electrical activity which is a key factor in determining brainpower. By enhancing electrolytes in your neurons,

“Piracetam is able to optimize your brain’s performance and literally give a boost to your mind.”

Therefore, it is very important for adults who suffer from different cognitive deficits to use Piracetam on a regular basis.

The most noticeable benefit of Piracetam will be in the areas of learning and memory. Individuals who use Piracetam are usually able to feel an improvement in their long-term and working memory, along with the potential to have a faster recall.

Many users state that they are able to comprehend complex concepts easier and do not have to work hard to retain new information. This improvement in memory may show itself in subtle ways, such as having the ability to remember entire dreams or remembering very particular details from conversations.

An enhancement in mental processing capacity is also reported, specifically people state that there is a better sense of flow in their mind. Furthermore, Piracetam positively influences motivation, drive and energy levels. A heightened sense of focus, attention and concentration are all experienced by the users. All of these benefits make it easier to finish important tasks without feeling stressed.

This is reinforced by the idea that Piracetam also acts as an enhancer of mood which reduces depression and anxiety. In addition, individuals who use Piracetam find that their senses and perceptual field are enhanced. This will usually mean that they have a much clearer sense of vision as well as being able to hear more rich sounds.

Finally, some evidence shows that Piracetam may be a powerful antioxidant that helps to remove toxins found in the brain, which improves an overall health of your brain.


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View Pramiracetam Prices

Pramiracetam and its benefits:

During the 1970s an improved version of Piracetam, called Pramiracetam, was developed in Belgium.  Experts believe it is about 30 times more potent than Piracetam. Pramiracetam is quicker when it comes to delivering much more noticeable benefits. One theory explaining the increase in potential activity is the idea that unlike Piracetam Pramiracetam is fat soluble. This makes it more bioavailable and concentrated. Therefore, as a fat soluble supplement Pramiracetam should be taken with foods or milk.

In terms of the benefits associated with its use, they are very similar, yet more noticeable, when compared to Piracetam. These include: an increase in recall, memory and learning capacity. Additionally, users have stated that when it comes to fluid intelligence and finishing common tasks, they feel a big improvement. Other areas of noted improvements are clearness of thought, focus and attention.

“Pramiracetam is the most potent of all the common racetam family members and is even sometimes called Piracetam on steroids.”


The main distinction between Piracetam and Pramiracetam is the level of potency, with Pramiracetam being the stronger one. If you have used Piracetam before and experienced its benefits, then there is a good chance that you will see much of the same benefits increased by using Pramiracetam. Finally, it is advised that if you are a new user of Nootropics you should start with Piracetam.