Piracetam Dosage, Usage & Benefits

piracetam-dosage-1024x1024-7042521Piracetam (aka Nootropil, Noostan, Lucetam, Nootropyl and Breinox) is the most popular nootropic from which other brain power boosting supplements have been derived. Piracetam was first discovered as a safe substance that had the ability to increase neurotransmitter levels in the brain and had virtually no side effects in the 1960s.

It can be used for the short-term, and the most popular example of this is long nights of studying during which you need vast amounts of concentration and focus. In the long-term it has the ability to improve your cognitive abilities, such as increased focus, an improvement in mood and memory.

The primary method of action is by improving one’s level of neuroplasticity. In other words, it is how easily your brain can make new connections through learning. This is very important for the brain’s health. Neuroplasticity is highly linked to the presence of oxygen in the brain along with certain neurotransmitters.

The more these neurochemicals appear, the more energy your brain can use for things such as information processing. Piracetam also increases levels of two important neurotransmitters – Acetylcholine and Glutamate. Depending on your level of sensitivity, the effects of Piracetam are felt within just half an hour.

“You may go through an immediate improvement of concentration, energy, and alertness in a very short period of time.”

For many people this sensation allows less mental work, and leads to various tasks becoming easier. Some people use more contemporary ways to describe the feeling and say that they are “in the zone” and can work for longer time periods without becoming tired. This is known to experts as a reduced experience of mental strain. The best indicator of the effects of Piracetam is an increase of productivity and attention.

In recent studies that have been conducted, sensory alertness and perception have all seemed to increase from the use of Piracetam. Your senses also become sharper and distinct. Because of these improvements individuals who need a high level of clarity start using Piracetam.

Piracetam has also been demonstrated to inhibit social anxiousness and improve social aspects in people’s lives. After taking this nootropic you may find it to be much easier to give presentations to large groups or audiences, along with thinking less about what you are going to say. Users have also stated that they feel a general improvement over their emotions.

Typical Piracetam dosage:

Out of all the nootropics, Piracetam is the least concentrated, which means in order to receive the same effects you must take a larger dosage. This may explain why some users do not experience Piracetam’s effects as they simply take too little of it.

A typical daily dosage is between 1 and 3 g. This should be taken three times a day. Some studies state that you should take as much as 5 g a day, but in order to get used to it you should start your body off on a smaller dosage, and build up over time.

Irregular high (aka “attack”) doses of Piracetam for only a few days do not work. Therefore, Piracetam should be taken for a longer period time (at least several weeks) to get the maximum results.

Piracetam is sold as a pure white powder, and to ingest it quickly one should mix it in a glass of water. Within half an hour of ingestion you should begin to experience the effects.

Piracetam is safe and well tolerated by most users (see “Side Effects” section below). Technically, you cannot overdose on Piracetam but using good judgment is still advised. For example, you should not be taken mega-doses (more than 10 g/day), especially if you have never used nootropics before.

Piracetam Stacks:

When taken in conjunction with other different nootropics, the benefits of this supplement can be vastly enhanced. Stacking will allow a wide amount of areas in your brain to be affected. The most popular method of stacking includes combining Piracetam with Choline.

There are many other stacks that work well. You should experiment yourself to find out which stacking combination is the best for you. Also, if you have used Piracetam for a long time you can try other racetams, such as Pramiracetam, Aniracetam and Oxiracetam.


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Side Effects:

As stated above, Piracetam is one of the safest nootropic that you can use right now. Its side effects are virtually nonexistent. It is interesting to note that many experts have declared salt is more dangerous than Piracetam. At very high dosages you may experience mild side effects such as tiredness, depression, stomach discomfort, nausea, headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Piracetam’s most common side effect is a headache, but even this can be prevented by simply having your diet consist of enough Choline. CDP Choline or Alpha GPC are the best sources to combine with Piracetam. If these are not available you can find Choline in foods such as eggs, shrimp, milk, fish and broccoli.

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