Phenibut Dosage, Usage, Benefits & Reviews

Phenibut is a natural nootropic that has been linked to improvements in mood and mental abilities. It is an altered form of a chemical in the brain that is known as GABA. As an important neurotransmitter, GABA is famous for being the main inhibitory transmitter within the central nervous system.

GABA has the ability to lower the brain’s level of stimulation. It also causes neurons that are hyperactive to slow their rate of firing so that a calming effect can happen in the brain and body.

Phenibut has its GABA molecule attached to a Phenyl ring. This attachment influences Phenibut in several different ways but the main effect is that it permits the supplement to go through the blood-brain barrier. By crossing the blood-brain barrier Phenibut makes modifications within the nervous system.

Because of the significance that GABA has in your body it is important to make sure you always take the correct dosages, and failure to do so will lead to a decline in one’s mental abilities. Phenibut becomes active 1 hour after ingestion and stays effective for around 5-8 hours.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Effective GABA Derivative
  • Improves quality of sleep and calm

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Phenibut Benefits:

The main benefit of Phenibut is its ability to reduce overall stress and improve relaxation. It is a well known fact that anxiety is caused by hyperactivity of the neurons, and Phenibut, a derivative of GABA, has the ability to calm overstimulated neuron activity. Due to its effectiveness Phenibut is probably the best nootropic for an overall stress and anxiety relief (anxiolytic).

“An expansion in learning capacity, an improved memory, along with easier recollection of details and memories, are only some of the reported benefits.”

There is data that shows that the supplement might have the ability to allow improved communication between neurons in both hemispheres of the brain. This has led to an improvement in problem solving abilities. Another benefit from Phenibut that should be highlighted is the improvement in sleep. Most people take the supplement as a sedative, and find that it is much easier to fall asleep.

The supplement also allows for one to experience better quality of sleep, thus waking up feeling more refreshed. Considering the cost of sleeping pills on the market, this is a much better alternative. Phenibut may also protect neurons in the brain from different types of damage.

By some standards this is one of the things that divides nootropics from mental enhancers. Damage happens to the neurons when stress levels are high and the processes for repair are not functioning properly. Phenibut helps to reduce this potential damage by regulating such repair processes.

Typical Phenibut dosage:

Before purchasing Phenibut, one must keep in mind that it is a very powerful nootropic. You must be cautious while making your dosage schedule. Since it is possible to become tolerant of Phenibut, you must not take it every single day.

Ideally it should be used two times a week and doing this will guarantee that the levels of GABA activity are not too high. This would also help to maintain an ‘on and off’ cycle without developing tolerance to it. Based on studies a recommended dosage is between 250 mg to 1000 mg of Phenibut a day.

It is also important to note that if you are a new user you should begin with a lower range dose and test its effectiveness. This will allow the body to gradually adjust to the new supplementation. As long as you are within this range, you can experiment with different doses, but anything over 1000 mg is generally not recommended.

Many users take Phenibut late in the day compared to using it during daytime while you are more productive. It is advised that you not split your dosage into smaller dosages as Phenibut has a long work time and will remain active within your system for most of the day. In its powder form Phenibut has a very sour and strong taste.

Side Effects:

As with most nootropics, side effects are very much dependent on the amount of supplement taken. Phenibut in lower doses is seen to be very safe, but while in high doses it certainly can lead to effects similar to alcohol. Some of these effects are fatigue, headaches, stomach discomfort and nausea. If you have an excessive dose, more serious side effects may include unconsciousness and memory loss.