Oxiracetam vs Piracetam: Best Racetam for You

Oxiracetam and Piracetam are two potent nootropic supplements that affect a number of cognitive functions. There is a great amount of scientific research and reviews by regular users supporting their effectiveness. However, this high volume of information may make it difficult to choose between the two.

Especially, when there is a wide range of similar benefits observed and reported after taking Oxiracetam and Piracetam. Therefore, the aims of this article are to briefly introduce each of these nootropics, detail their benefits and describe the methods of action.

Oxiracetam is known as a “pure” Nootropic, which is water soluble and helps to improve different mental functions. Precise mechanisms of action of Oxiracetam are still unknown; however by being able to cross the blood-brain barrier it is believed to affect the activity levels of Acetylcholine and Glutamate neurotransmitters.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter used in the motor division of the somatic nervous system. This is very important in maintaining attention and short-term memory. Additionally, Glutamate is very effective in the process of memory formation and learning. Increased levels of these neurochemicals result in an enhanced synaptic plasticity and reasoning abilities. Overall, Oxiracetam is involved in cholinergic and glutamatergic neurotransmission systems that help to modulate various cognitive processes, such as attention, learning and memory.

In terms of functional benefits, Oxiracetam and Piracetam are actually quite similar, but in comparison to Piracetam most users will not find an improvement of sensory perception while using Oxiracetam.

There are many users that not only feel a memory enhancement, but also increased memory recall speeds and higher levels of contextual learning after taking Oxiracetam. Moreover, it improves focus, motivation, and attentiveness. Due to its wide ranging effects, Oxiracetam is believed to be the best racetam for studying, particularly in disciplines relating to mathematics or science.

In addition to this, Oxiracetam has been successfully used in treating degenerative conditions, such as autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Schizophrenia. It may also be effective in treating damage caused by an excessive consumption of alcohol.

There are many studies that show that Oxiracetam is a powerful anti-oxidant capable of removing toxins from the brain.

“Based on this, it seems likely that Oxiracetam could provide general anti-aging brain benefits.”


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Piracetam and its benefits:

Piracetam was the first Nootropic synthesized in 1964. Since it has been around for a long time, Piracetam is the most researched Nootropic based agent. It is also the cheapest one which makes it very affordable and easily obtainable online. Because of these reasons Piracetam has become the best-selling supplement within the racetam family.

One of the first image-48-300x269-1188698effects that Piracetam users experience is an improvement in their sensory perception (i.e., sight and sound). This occurs due to its ability to influence the brain in a way that it can perform auditory and visual comparisons subconsciously.

This often results in having a brighter sense of colors and/or deeper sense of sounds. In addition to improvements in sensory perception, Piracetam also affects various cognitive abilities.

For example, individuals report improvements in short-term memory and learning. An increase of glucose supply to the brain results in an enhancement of mental energy.

“Consequently, you may feel less tired after working for long periods during a day.”

Together, these positive effects can help to increase levels of motivation while going through common tasks.

In terms of basic mechanisms of action, Piracetam works by increasing the number of Acetylcholine and Glutamate neurotransmitters. Once it reaches the nerve synapses, Piracetam attaches itself to the receptor sites of these neurotransmitters and subsequently stimulates the brain activity. This leads to higher levels of attention, concentration and focus. Additionally, some experts have stated that Piracetam may work by altering the calcium and sodium in the brain.

In other words, it helps to improve the transportation of the two minerals within the neurons. It is vital that both chemicals in the brain are balanced so that electric currents that facilitate neurons communication are optimal. While these nutrients are at proper levels, the brain has the ability for a greater resting potential, thus leading to a faster occurrence of transmissions.

This would explain the improvements in communication between the two hemispheres of the brain as well as an increase in cognitive functions widely reported following Piracetam consumption.

Oxiracetam vs. Piracetam: choosing the right one

The decision whether to buy Oxiracetam or Piracetam is very personal. If your reason for choosing a brain boosting supplement is to achieve an increase in your sensory perception along with other cognitive improvements, then Piracetam would be the better choice.

It is important to note that Oxiracetam is many times more powerful than Piracetam, therefore if you are a beginner with Nootropics it is recommended that you start off with Piracetam. If you later want something more potent you should gradually switch to Oxiracetam, which is particularly good choice if you are working or studying in the mathematics or science disciplines.

Oxiracetam has been shown to increase logic and critical analysis skills. If you have been using Nootropics for a long time, you may want to stack them. For example, some users even stack the two supplements with Aniracetam so that they can get enhancements not only in the cognitive abilities but the mood too.