Nootropic Stack Guide


What are nootropic stacks?

Poor memory, big mood swings, lack of concentration and general mind fog are just a few signs that your brain is not performing to its full potential. The solution to this can be nootropics as these dietary supplements can amplify cognition and give the brain boost.

However, for those who are new in the world of nootropics, it can be pretty confusing to understand the sheer volume of information and choices available online. There are many different categories of nootropics because they all affect the brain differently and therefore provide varying cognitive benefits.

“Although nootropics are often used individually, users have found that combining many different nootropics into what is called a stack can greatly increase their strength and range of benefits.”

Furthermore, taking stacks may prevent some of the potential side effects that could occur if substances are taken individually.

For example, there are various racetams that work by increasing the acetylcholine activity in the brain, which in turn causes an increase in the demand for the acetylcholine precursor – choline. To make this worse, a large percentage of population has a dietary deficiency of choline, so it is often necessary to take supplements, such as CDP Choline or Alpha GPC so that they can reduce unnecessary side effects.

Every nootropic has its pros and cons and because the market is so large and diverse, it may be confusing and expensive to shape up your perfect stack. Nootropic stacks could help you save money in the long run. However, there are a lot of formulas and blends with different names and price tags that is not always easy to make your mind up. Therefore, it is important to weigh your options before stocking up on your mind food.

  • Cheaper in the long run. Nootropic formulas can be expensive so it works out cheaper to buy substances on the internet in bulk powder. This will lower the cost per dose.
  • You would only buy effective ingredients that work for you. Not all nootropics users respond the same way to every nootropic. Therefore, once you discover what works for you best can buy just those nootropics.
  • You can easily change the dose of each substance according to your personal needs and demands.
  • You know exactly what is in your stack and how much of it you are taking.

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Negatives of nootropic stacks:

  • Inconvenient to use. Having a large number of different supplements to take every day will waste your time. Also, preparing your stacks may become annoying with time. Therefore, you might want to consider buying nootropics in capsules. It is simple to take pills based on recommended dosages and your personal needs. It is all about your personal schedule.
  • Buying each nootropic in bulk powder can also become inconvenient. One substance will run out sooner than another, thus more individual purchases will have to be planned out. Buying nootropics in capsules may be more expensive but that way you avoid the hassle.
  • If you are an inexperienced user of nootropics it is a good chance that you do not have much background information about each nootropic, what it does, how it works and how to take it. Therefore, specifically designed formulas from a reputable company that is selling high quality products can help you bypass the science side of it so you can just get on with using them and receiving the desired benefits.

In summary, buying nootropics in bulk powder is a cheaper option than buying them in capsules. However, it is also less convenient, especially if you are always on the go. Thus if money is not an issue, you should consider buying capsules or even nootropic formulas developed by scientists to enhance your cognition.