Citicoline Dosage, Usage & Benefits


Citicoline is one of the most popular brain supplements, which is widely praised for its effectiveness and safety. Citicoline is a compound that is naturally present in human body. Citicoline was originally created to use it in patients who have suffered a stroke. By 1997, the supplement was marketed in over 30 countries around the world.

Because of its ability to reduce cognitive deficits, Citicoline is used to treat people suffering from head traumas, cognitive disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s and cerebral disease. Researchers are also currently studying its use in the treatment of Parkinson’s dementia.

However, cognitive performance benefits are not only limited to patients with different cognitive deficits, but are also observed in healthy subjects.

Citicoline usage:

Citicoline can be taken alone or in stack with other nootropics for more profound cognitive benefits. As it is a great source of Choline, it is actually advised to take Citicoline with other racetams as there is an additive effect as well as reduced sensations of side effects.

Citicoline can be found in powder and capsules form. In clinical settings it is also used intravenously. As with most nootropics, the most cost-effective solution is to buy a bulk powder. However, capsules are much more convenient to use.

You should find out the most optimal way of taking Citicoline. For example, some users prefer to it split their daily dose to several equal administrations throughout the first part of the day. Whilst others, take the recommended daily dosage in one go. Also, some users cycle it with Alpha-GPC.

Citicoline has been successfully used in patients recovering from a stroke and traumatic brain injury as it has a neuroprotective effect. It has been found that these patients have a greater chance of recovering if Citicoline is administered within 24 hours of having an ischemic stroke.

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Citicoline as a source of Choline:

Citicoline is an excellent source of Choline – a vital nutrient for the brain.

“Choline helps brain produce Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter largely responsible for healthy cognitive function.”

Choline is found in food, however most people are still deficient, which over a long period of time can result in various health issues.

How does Citicoline work:

Briefly, as soon as Citicoline is delivered into the bloodstream, it breaks into Choline and Cytidine. A number of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, are then affected, which ultimately increases cerebral blood flow and circulatory function. As a result, users experience enhanced cognitive abilities, improvements in mood and ever a neural repair.

Recommended Citicoline dosage:

There is no one established dosage of Citicoline that would suit everyone. This is mainly down to the fact that each of us takes in different amounts of Choline with our food. We also have different sensitivities to this compound. So the best idea is to try and explore what works best for you.

The recommended daily dosage of Citicoline is between 250 mg and 2 g. However, some experts do not recommend daily dosages higher than 1 g. Therefore, start with a lower dosage (e.g. 250 – 500 mg/day) and gradually increase it depending on the observed effects. Citicoline can be taken with or without a meal. But it is important to remember that Citicoline should not be taken in the afternoon or evening as it may provide you with a high levels of physical and mental energy, thereby stopping you from relaxing.

Side Effects:

Although it is generally considered a safe compound, more research, especially on the effects of long-term use, is required. Only a very small number of users were found to report any side effects that include nausea, diarrhea or sleeping difficulties. The use of Citicoline is not advisable during pregnancy or breast-feeding. If you have any concerns about using Citicoline, please consult with a healthcare professional.


As an effective nootropic, Citicoline provides a number of functional benefits. Users find themselves doing a better job at school or performing more efficiently at work. For example, improved memory and learning abilities are a result of increased levels of Acetylcholine. This helps neurons communicate more efficiently. Therefore, aging users, who are dealing with memory loss, find Citicoline especially beneficial.

Similarly, Citicoline improves brain metabolism as there is a greater flow of oxygen. Cerebrovascular diseases are prevented thanks to the increased blood circulation. Finally, Citicoline provides an overall increase in mental energy as users tend to be more focused, motivated and attentive.