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Pramiracetam is often believed to be the most powerful nootropic in the class of racetams. In fact, Pramiracetam is around 15-30 times more potent than its precursor Piracetam. Therefore, it should be used in lower dosages. Although it is taken in lower doses compared to Piracetam, actual benefits are very similar if not better.

These include improved cognitive abilities and functions, such as enhanced information processing speed and better long-term memory formation. Other benefits associated with Pramiracetam use are increased motivation to complete monotonous tasks as well as sharper lateral thinking.

Unlike some other racetam group nootropics, Pramiracetam is fat soluble. This basically means that it can be taken only once a day as it remains active for longer in comparison to water soluble racetams. The highest concentration of Pramiracetam is reported to be about two hours after administration.

Despite Pramiracetam being the most powerful racetam, it is generally considered to be safe with a very few mild side effects. Headache is the primary reported side effect of Pramiracetam. This can be prevented by combining Pramiracetam with Citicoline or another good source of Choline. This applies to pretty much all racetams as it is linked with lower levels of Choline.

In terms of mechanisms, Pramiracetam enhances high-affinity Choline uptake (HACU) to the hippocampus. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for making new memories. It is also important in producing emotion. Thus, by taking Pramiracetam users improve their memory, concentration and information processing speed.

Currently, it is legal to buy and use Pramiracetam in the UK, Australia and North America. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the body responsible for control of pharmaceutical products in the United States. Pramiracetam, as well as other racetams, is neither approved to treat or prevent any illnesses by the FDA, nor is controlled. It is therefore legal to possess and use in the USA.

The UK laws are currently very similar as Pramiracetam is unregulated in the UK.

“This means that residents can buy and use Pramiracetam legally.”

Users from the UK often import nootropics, including Pramiracetam, from the USA. It is perfectly legal to do that, but the quantities should be reasonable and should not exceed 1-3 months supply for personal use. Otherwise there may be delays in customs.

With an exception of Russia, the legal status of Pramiracetam is the same in the rest of the world. It is important to remember that such legislations may change and you should always check the latest information before buying Pramiracetam.


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Pramiracetam is a powerful nootropic, known for its ability to improve memory and sharpen focus. It is a great nootropic if you need to cope with mentally intense tasks, such as exams, under very tight deadlines. Additionally, Pramiracetam may have neuroprotective properties. It should be taken with a good source of Choline to maximize the results and prevent any side effects. It is on the market in both capsules and bulk powder form, which is the cheapest option to buy it.