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buy-aniracetam-uk-2-3528826Noopept is an extraordinarily powerful nootropic. In fact, it is believed to be around a thousand times more potent than Piracetam. Therefore, care must be taken when planning to use this nootropic as it is needed in very low dosages. As little as 10 mg twice or three times a day has been shown to be enough to achieve the desired effects.

Noopept is very rapidly absorbed and metabolised and demonstrates a stimulatory effect on nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Both of these neurotrophins play a key role in cognitive functions, including learning, memory and concentration. Studies also demonstrate that Noopept has neuroprotective capabilities by reducing oxidative stress and apoptosis on the brain cells.

Noopept may also benefit elderly people as it is thought to be able to repair damaged cells when taken for longer periods of time. However, presently there are not enough studies in this area.

Currently, it is legal to buy Noopept for personal use in the United Kingdom. You can purchase Noopept on a number of online shops that sell high-quality Nootropics.

Noopept was originally developed by a Russian company Lekka Pharmaceuticals which actually happened by accident as they were trying to create a different product. Following the promising findings, testing on animals and humans was started.

Even though the magnitude of its effects differed from person to person, several benefits were common in most subjects: improved memory, focus and ability to process difficult concepts. The greatest variation in results was observed in mood regulation. For example, some users reported reduced levels of anxiety (anxiolytic effect), while others experienced a completely opposite effect by having an increased mental tension.

As it is common with most racetams, headache is the most reported side effect. It can be avoided by not exceeding the recommended dose and/or taking Choline supplement.

Is Noopept legal in the UK?

Currently, Noopept is neither regulated nor controlled in the United Kingdom, so it is perfectly fine to purchase Noopept for personal use. Typically, that means a three-month supply. However, it is important to remember that regulations of such substances change all the time. Therefore it is recommended that you check the regulations before buying Noopept in the UK or importing from other countries. In order to distribute Noopept commercially, proper permits must be obtained.


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Where to buy Noopept in the UK and its cost?

In the UK Noopept is available from several online shops domestically as well as those located in America or Europe. It is always a good idea to audit company’s reputation by reviewing customers’ reviews before buying any nootropic. Also, check if a company has stocks of that product as well as delivery price and time so you can avoid long shipping times. Bear in mind that costs of delivery can increase drastically if ordered from outside the UK.

Noopept mostly comes in powder, which is the most cost-effective way of buying it. For example, if you buy a package of 1 gram in bulk powder it will cost you around £10 (some companies will have additional delivery charges). Based on the 10-20 mg 2-3 times per day dosage, this works out to only 10-20 p per dose. Although Noopept capsules are more expensive they are much more convenient and tasty to use.


“Noopept is a very potent and wallet-friendly nootropic.”

Currently, it is unregulated in the UK, therefore you are permitted to buy, possess and use it. It is not likely to be found in retail shops, so the internet is the place to buy it. Noopept is a safe and non-toxic nootropic with a subtle psychostimulatory effect. The reported benefits and low cost of this nootropic make it a very good value for your money.