Buy Aniracetam UK Guide

buy-aniracetam-uk-4721191There are various views on the legitimacy of Aniracetam supplement in the United Kingdom. Even though this compound has gained substantial attention in recent years, there is still a major shortage of reliable information for those who want to buy it with a peace of mind. In this article we will clarify its status with the most recent information on prescriptions, importation and safety.

The potency of Aniracetam is around 5 to 10 times stronger than Piracetam. This ampakine nootropic boosts alertness and attention span. By increasing the activity of a very important glutamate neurotransmitter, it improves overall cognitive functions, such as learning, memory and focus. It also stimulates neuroplasticity.

Studies demonstrate positive results on tasks requiring language and/or verbal skills. There are virtually no side effects associated with Aniracetam use. However, some users occasionally get headache. Due to this reason, many Aniracetam users tend to stack it with Alpha GPC or Citicoline to offset acetylcholine depletion, which is widely considered to be the main reason causing headaches.

In addition, Aniracetam is currently researched for the benefits in patients suffering from mental decline caused by Alzheimer’s. Aniracetam reduces anxiety, treats dementias and cerebral issues.


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Can I buy Aniracetam in the UK?

Good news is, Aniracetam does not require a prescription from your GP. Therefore it is one of the so called grey area substances which is available for personal use. Generally, keeping a 1-3 months supply stack is perfectly fine. It is not, however, allowed to import this compound for commercial use.

Buying Aniracetam in the UK:

Britain has a number of nootropic suppliers. Sometimes domestic suppliers have higher prices compared to overseas sellers. It is why some choose to import Aniracetam from abroad. However, as stated above, you should be really careful not to exceed the 3 months supply when ordering. Otherwise, there will be a risk of time loss in customs clearance.

“Aniracetam is usually sold in bulk powder or in capsules.”

The former can end up being up to 60% cheaper than pills. However, powder form is less convenient than capsules. When buying powder it is a good idea to purchase a milligram scale as you will have to measure your own doses.

Tips for Aniracetam usage:

For those new to nootropics, it is generally a good practice to start off with Piracetam. It is slightly less concentrated and is a better way to get used to supplementation. Those who take Aniracetam for the first time should start off with 0.5 – 0.7 g doses taken 2 -3 times daily.

Stacking Aniracetam with other racetams should be done gradually, by taking lowest possible dose and monitoring yourself carefully. Several days of adjustment should be enough to achieve the desired effects.

Even though Aniracetam does not seem to be toxic for the brain, higher dosages have not been shown to result in more potent effects. To avoid tolerance, you should cycle Aniracetam by having a week-long break every fortnight.


Aniracetam improves memory, learning capabilities, oral and communication skills. It is also reported to reduce anxiety. Aniracetam can be purchased domestically, used and possessed in the UK as long as it is for personal use only. It can be obtained either in bulk powder or capsules form. The most common side effect is headache, which can be prevented by taking a decent source of choline, such as Alpha GPC.