Best Nootropics for Depression

Various cognitive disorders, like depression, anxiety and mood issues are becoming more and more widespread these days. Depression alone is affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. It makes a person feel hopeless, sad, and therefore unmotivated to live a normal, active life.

Depression is a very complicated condition, which often requires a long treatment by the experts (e.g., psychotherapists). In many cases it is a consequence of abnormal levels of chemicals in the brain that may need some special attention.

A number of various drugs have been developed and are now able to regulate the levels of brain chemicals and treat the disorders. Nootropic supplements have been shown to have a great potential and success rate in the treatment of many cognitive disorders.

Although, nootropics are mainly used as cognition enhancers, they are also known to alleviate the depression symptoms and related mood issues. Nootropics alone may not necessarily work for everyone, but combining them with other doctor prescribed medication or therapy is very likely to produce positive outcomes.

Below are three of the strongest and most effective nootropic supplements to help depression and other related disorders.

Aniracetam is one of the most popular nootropic supplements from the racetam family. Most nootropics from the racetam group provide stimulation and mental energy, which are experienced as extra motivation, focus and concentration. Aniracetam is also widely praised for its ability to boost the user’s mood. This can be particularly beneficial for patients who suffer from depression.

A number of reviews support the anti-depressive effects of Aniracetam. It was discovered that it can definitely help decrease these symptoms in animals. It was therefore clearly shown that Aniracetam has the potency to be a safe and effective way to treat depression.

This nootropic can also boost the oxygen supply to the brain. As the blood flow is increased, so is the amount of oxygen and important nutrients. In addition to all of the mentioned benefits, Aniracetam appears to influence the neurotransmitters responsible for communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. Anecdotal reports claim, Aniracetam is capable of unlocking the brain centres responsible for both, creativity and critical thinking.

  • Improved creativity
  • Better holistic thinking
  • Enhanced memory

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Noopept is famous for being one of the most potent and concentrated nootropic available today. Its bioavailability is so high that human body absorbs it within just minutes. Afterwards, just as easily, Noopept is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and start functioning.

Much like Aniracetam, this nootropic is also able to dramatically improve the user’s mood. According to scientists, this is due to its effect on dopamine and serotonin receptor sites.

“These two neurotransmitters are the two most important chemicals that determine our mood.”

Noopept is much more potent than Aniracetam. It seems to dramatically affect the motivation. The user becomes more productive and is able to complete the tasks without procrastination. Aside from these typical nootropic effects, Noopept appears to be effective in helping to treat patients with less severe cognitive disorders. These are typically caused by organic brain problems caused by traumatic or vascular reasons.

More studies claim that Noopept has neuroprotective properties and it helps to maintain the brain cells and keep them in good health. In fact, some researchers have shown that Noopept actually repairs the existing brain damage and builds neuronal links in the brain.

  • Improved memory retention
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Enhanced cognition

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Sulbutiamine is the third supplement that can be used in the treatment of depression. Technically, it is a derivative of the B vitamin. However, it functions very similarly to nootropic agents.

Sulbutiamine is a modified version of thiamine, which is a recognized way to help with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. In fact, physicians in a number of different countries around the world prescribe this compound as a form of treatment.

Subjective users feedback on Sulbutiamine demonstrates its anti-depressant effects, but without any dependence or unwanted insomnia. The credibility of how accurate these claims are can be questioned, but in general it does show that Sulbutiamine is capable of combating the depression.

Some studies have concluded that Sulbutiamine has no anti-depressant properties at all. Nonetheless, the same researchers also claimed that it facilitates and helps the recovery of people who experience depression in their professional or social environments. Therefore, more research is required to test Sulbutiamine’s effects on depression. However, currently there are some data to suggest its effectiveness in help with the symptoms of depression.

  • Better mood
  • Reduced mental fatigue
  • Higher levels of energy

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Other nootropics for depression:

Aniracetam, Noopept and Sulbutiamine are top 3 nootropics that can be used when dealing with depression and its symptoms. However, there are a few other products that are reported to improve the mood and alleviate depression and anxiety.

Inositol, for example, is an excellent choice. It is classified as a vitamin B nootropic. The supplement crosses the blood-brain barrier with ease and then aids in raising the levels of GABA. This neurotransmitter is responsible for feelings of calmness and well-being. Inositol works well in synergy with other substances, thus it is a brilliant ingredient in almost any nootropic stack.

Adrafinil deserves a mention too. It is an over-the-counter version of Modafinil and helps the users to stay wide awake and maintain the good mood. You should take great caution when taking it, though. Some evidence suggests that Adrafinil may damage the liver due to its mild toxicity. Therefore, you should speak to your healthcare professional before trying it, or, simply go for one of the reliable and effective nootropics described earlier in this article.


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