Best Nootropics for Creativity

Creativity is a crucial part of many professions. Whether you are a writer working on a new piece, an artist creating something new that nobody has seen before, a student working on a project or an entrepreneur making a genius start-up business plan you will be greatly relying on creativity.

However, creativity is not a skill that can be fully control. You may feel very creative one day, but then the next day you may feel a bit “flat and empty”. However, all of us could use those creative moments to perform better in whatever we do. Those days when we are lacking creativity may be prevented by nootropics.

Nootropic supplements can alter your own creativity by affecting different areas of the brain. There is no single part of the brain solely responsible for the creativity. Therefore, the entire creative process is only possible if different regions of the brain work together. Nootropics are designed to optimise performance in different parts of the brain. This guide will review some of the best nootropic supplements for becoming more creative.

If Piracetam (the original racetam) is the starting point for most nootropic users, then Aniracetam is definitely the next step. The effects of Aniracetam are very distinct to Piracetam. It is claimed to be the best nootropic to fight anxiety and boost creativity. This may be explained its mechanisms of action.

First of all, Aniracetam is an AMPA modulator. It means that it enhances the work of the AMPA receptors. These excitatory receptors are associated with mood and memory. Second method of action is increasing the blood flow to the brain. This results in a smoother, more holistic thinking. Aniracetam is also anxiolytic. The ability to manage anxiety levels is obviously crucial for anyone who strives to be creative.

Finally, Aniracetam improves the communication between the two brain hemispheres. This means that individuals, who naturally tend to rely more on logic will see a greater contribution from their artistic personalities. On the other hand, more artistic type of people will find their thinking shift slightly more towards the logical side.

Overall, Aniracetam is a great nootropic to supercharge your creative project or review it pragmatically. Aniracetam also boosts cognition in a number of other ways as users report sharper, more vivid vision.

  • Heightened memory and clear thinking
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Enhanced Focus, mood and perception

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Phenibut is a supplement that does not necessarily directly “induce” creativity. However, it certainly sets you up to develop it from within yourself. Probably the most important characteristic of being creative is the ability to ignore the outside distractions and focus only on a given task.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. As our minds are constantly bombarded with external thoughts, worries, doubts, distractions and general stress, it is very difficult to get into the complete state of calmness and creativity.

Phenibut can help to avoid those distractions. Firstly it affects your GABA-B receptors. These receptors are responsible for stress management and calmness. As a result, you will experience a relaxed state of mind. Researchers claim that Phenibut can even help manage our inability to act when in a negative emotional situation. For example, avoiding getting creatively stuck when one is unable to generate a new idea or concept.

The second benefit of Phenibut is the dopamine stimulation. Increased levels of this neurotransmitter primarily mean finding more pleasure and meaning in every action. Even though this alone is an important aspect to being creative, a strong correlation has been demonstrated between dopamine levels and creativity.

Evidence also shows that Phenibut affects the quality of memory recall.

“Those individuals, who work on highly complex creative projects could definitely benefit from this.”

Thus, if used appropriately Phenibut can be a safe and guaranteed gateway to your new levels of creativity.

However, it is important not to exceed the recommended daily dosage of Phenibut. Since it affects the dopamine system, going over the recommended dosage can disturb it for the next day. Therefore, to prevent this from happening use Phenibut responsibly – monitor your dosage and cycle it with other nootropics.

  • Reduces Stress
  • Effective GABA Derivative
  • Improves Quality of Sleep and Calm

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Sulbutiamine is a compound synthetically derived from thiamine (vitamin B1). It was developed in Japan to treat asthenia (weakness), chronic fatigue and other similar pathologies. Some of those pathologies are associated with mental rather than physical disorders.

Therefore, a safe dose of Sulbutiamine will boost your energy and help you finish the tasks that made you procrastinate before. Simply speaking, Sulbutiamine has been shown to reduce mental fatigue in a very effective manner. In order to be creative, it is very important to have the sufficient levels of mental energy.

Sulbutiamine has been shown to reduce psycho-behavioural inhibitions. Again, in more simple terms, it helps you manage your fears. If you have things you typically avoid because of stress, this supplement will make it easier to face them.


  • Improves mood and Memory
  • Increased Brain Oxygen and Glucose
  • Reduces Mental Fatigue and Tiredness

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Coluracetam is one of the most recent supplements to appear on the market. It is also the latest member of the racetam family. This nootropic is thought to have sensory enhancing properties. Just like the name suggests, you will be able to see richer, more vivid colours.

Vision, however, is not the only sense, enhanced by Coluracetam. It is also claimed to enhance sounds and put the user into a state of mind where the anxiety is relieved and the creativity is booming.

The primary way Coluracetam works is by being the first choline uptake enhancer. It gets the brain to convert choline into acetylcholine more effectively. As a result, the user is able to process and store more sensory information at once.

Even though the feedback on this supplement has been exceptionally positive, it is important to note how recent this nootropic is. Clinical research on Coluracetam is still very scarce. At this stage, evidence suggests that it is a safe and non-toxic supplement. However, do not forget to use it responsibly and within recommended dosages.


    • Heightened memory and clear thinking
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Enhanced Focus, mood and perception

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Nootropic stacks for creativity:

All of the above listed nootropics work well by themselves. However, more experienced nootropic users tend to combine different nootropics into a stack. This results in an additive effect. For example, a good nootropic stack for creativity is ColuracetamSulbutiamine and Alpha GPC as a choline source.


Our creativity and imagination are largely influenced by our daily lives. Worrying about daily life issues can wear you out and leave little mental energy for creative things. That is why nootropics can be a good way to restore the mental energy and put you in a right frame of mind for creative process.

Overall, the best nootropics for creativity are Coluracetam and Aniracetam. If you are new to nootropics, use Phenibut and Sulbutiamine to begin with before moving on to racetams. Use nootropics within the recommended dosages and pay attention to their effects on your creativity performance. Finally, after deciding which nootropic is the best for creativity share your experiences in the comments section below, so that everyone can become more creative.