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    Buy Piracetam UKPiracetam is the most popular and best-selling nootropic with a large number of users in the United Kingdom. Piracetam is the forefather of all racetams that is used by the beginners and experienced nootropic users alike. It was Piracetam that started nootropics craze around the world.

    It is known for its ability to improve concentration, memory, and brainpower. Piracetam can be used for a short- and long-term. It is important to note that 40 years of research and experiments with Piracetam have shown that it is one of the safest nootropics with virtually no side effects. For those readers interested in the science behind Piracetam safety and effectiveness as a nootropic compound please refer to a number of scientific studies listed below in the “Research about Piracetam” section.

    If you are based in the UK and want to buy Piracetam you may have read a number of different reviews on the legal status of this nootropic. This brief article will help you answer all of the following questions: “Is Piracetam legal?”, “Do I need a prescription for it?”, “Can I buy Piracetam online?”, “Where is the best place to buy Piracetam online?” and “What are Piracetam alternatives?”.

    Is Piracetam legal in the UK?

    Under United Kingdom law, Piracetam is a prescription only medication (POM). Therefore, you cannot buy Piracetam in the UK legally unless you have a doctor’s prescription. However, the laws with regards to POMs only apply to in-person sales but not mail-order deliveries. That is why there are many websites selling Piracetam as a supplement or a raw ingredient as this way you do not need a prescription.

    Buying Piracetam:

    Interestingly, the UK law allows prescription drugs to be imported from other countries for personal use only. In other words, if you are not planning to commercially sell Piracetam, you can legally buy it online. Although, the full definition of “personal use” remains unclear, it is usually considered that anything less than a three month supply of Piracetam at a time is within the legal limits.

    “Users in the UK successfully buy Piracetam online and have it delivered to their doorstep.”

    There are a number of high quality suppliers that are known for their reliability and good prices. These suppliers are often based outside the UK. This means that occasionally customs interfere and submit confiscated parcels to the UK border officials for further investigation. This normally happens only if the supplements are purchased in large quantities, are mislabeled, or being shipped from sellers that have been previously flagged. If you live in the UK this should not discourage you from buying Piracetam online for a personal use and having it shipped to you.


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    You can also try a number of alternative nootropics in the racetam family as some of them are even more effective. For example, Aniracetam is two to three times more potent than Piracetam. Another racetam called Pramiracetam is very closely related to Piracetam and is more than 30 times stronger compared to Piracetam. Therefore, Pramiracetam is being increasingly used for its higher effectiveness. Also, Oxiracetam, which is known as a “pure” nootropic and provides very similar functional benefits.

    Research about Piracetam:

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